A Tribute to Anna Rubanova

Voice Directing & Audio Production

Anna Rubanova is a writer, producer, voice director and co-founder of Left Handed Radio, a sketch group specializing in audio and animated content. She co-hosted and created original podcasts for WNYC (Duplicast) and Howl Premium (The Grimm Life). She is the executive producer of Broadway Video’s animated series Podtoons and Someecards' HR Violations. Her Radiolab parody, What If…, was featured in A.V. Club and FastCo.Create.

A UCBTNY-trained performer and writer, Anna’s credits include: Harold Night, As The Diamond Burns: An Improvised Soap Opera, Blackout!: Improv in the Dark, and digital video team The Punch. 

Below are shorts that Anna produced and directed.

For radio plays and audio sketches that she's directed and mixed, check out her Podcast page.