Hi, I'm Anna. I'm a writer, producer, voice actor and co-founder of Left Handed Radio, a sketch group specializing in audio and animated content. I've co-hosted and created original podcasts for WNYC (Duplicast) and Howl Premium (The Grimm Life). I am the executive producer of Broadway Video’s animated series Podtoons and Someecards' HR Violations. My Radiolab parody, What If…, was featured in A.V. Club and FastCo.Create.

A UCBTNY-trained performer and writer, my credits include: Harold Night (with Sandino, Rocks), Hot Lather Presents: As The Diamond Burns (An Improvised Soap Opera), Blackout!: Improv in the Dark. and digital video team The Punch.

CONTACT: a.rubanova@gmail.com (917) 715-9572 annarubanova.com lefthandedradio.com






Narrative Podcasts

Over the last seven years, I've been honing my audio writing, performing and production skills, with podcasts featured on Earwolf, WNYC, Howl FM and two upcoming projects for Midroll's Stitcher Premium platform.

"What If?" is a Radiolab parody co-written, co-hosted and edited entirely by me.


"'What If?' Is A Note-Perfect Parody Of Every NPR Show That Asks The Big Questions" ~Fast Co.CREATE

"This Pitch-Perfect Podcast Parody Takes On Radiolab, All Our Big Dumb Questions" ~A.V. Club

"What If Someone Made a Podcast About What Would Happen If Humans Laid Eggs? It Would Get Dark. Fast." ~Someecards

"'Radiolab' Gets the Pitch-Perfect Parody It Deserves" ~Daily Dot


In 2010, I co-founded a sketch podcast called Left Handed Radio. These are a few of my favorite clips.


Left Handed Radio's sketches translated seamlessly into animation, so I pitched and produced an animated web series for Above Average.

With the success of Podtoons, Left Handed Radio was asked to create a treatment for a half-hour comedy.

"Patients," was the result.


Above Average then hired me to produce, direct and punch-up their collaborative series with Someecards, "HR Violations."


Someecards Brings Its Shareable Native Ad Formula to Video ~DIGIDAY

Animated Web Series Perfectly Captures Everything You've Ever Wanted To Say At The Watercooler ~Bustle



"Ma, Come On!" is a web-comic-like series I created for fun.

I released all twenty-one episodes in one day because I'm cruel.

Watch two and you'll get the idea.



Thanks to the 2017 CBS Diversity Showcase, I was fortunate enough to collaborate with Broadway actor/composer Jason Michael Snow on musical parodies.  

In lieu of video or scripts, please enjoy these demos that we used to pitch our ideas.